Victorinox Standard with HIKER inlay – a SMICO special

This is quite a nice Economy Standard with key ring, or Spartan without toothpick and tweezers. It has a metal inlay with the word HIKER, some hiker dude and a couple of trees. These were made for the Canadian distributor SMICO, along with an ALPINEER (actually a Passenger) and a SCOUTER (actually a Recruit). You can fine some nice pictures by Karl over at SAKWiki.

Rather confusingly, these were sold as Hikers, although the Hiker is actually a different model.

Vintage Victorinox Fischermesser

In the 1960s or 1970s Victorinox offered two versions of the Fisherman’s knife or Fischermesser. They were available with blue scales (uncommon back in the day) with a fish emblem on the top of the front scale, instead of the Swiss shield and cross. These knives were equipped with unusual scissors with a cut-out, and of course the fish scaler.

The one I own is actually a bit more uncommon. It lacks scissors and a metal file. I have never been able to find a reference to it in any of the old catalogues. If I follow the old naming convention then this knife would have been a 234faU (Spartan or Standard with fish scaler, tweezers & toothpick and bail).

It has all the nice features of a vintage knife: thick main blade with Victoria tang stamp, +PAT stamp on the can opener, aluminium tipped tweezers, clip point small blade, five-turn corkscrew, bail/shackle and fish scaler without ruler. The scales are a lighter shade of blue than more recent cellidor scales.

This unusual tool config minus the tweezers and the bail (or key-ring) was also used for the Battle of Murten Battle Series knife in 1989.

Victorinox Huntsman Lite Limited Edition

This is a limited edition Victorinox Huntsman Lite. It is numbered nnnn/1111 and was produced in 2006. The alumin(i)um presentation case also contains a piece of jeans material with a leather belt and a knife chain, and two Swiss postage stamps. There is more info on SAKWiki.

One of these had been on my wish list for quite some time when a while back I found one for a good price. And it turned out the seller lived in my own home town.