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I am thinking about joining the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Collectors Society. While I am a big fan of online forums, communities, blogs, etc., I think it would be nice to be a member of a “traditional”, offline society. Actually, they do have a website, but there is not much happening there.

The VSAKCS offers a quarterly newsletter (yes, on paper: the Victorinox Blade) and they bring out a special VSAKCS club knife every year. Membership is only $35…

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  1. Hello. I would highly recommend all interested in the VSAKCS to join. The dues are minimal. The initial membership pack includes a red Victorinox classic with the VSAKCS printed on it. The newsletter comes 4 times a year. There is also classified space to buy and or sell SAK related items for free to members. The VSAKCS also arranges for yearly special club knives at a very reasonable cost and many of these knives have become very collectible over the years. I realize in this age of web interactions some may want to avoid the VSAKCS since its web presence is rather small. Give us some time and I am sure web development and presence will come along.

    Great job on the blog!

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