Victorinox (Victoria) Executive

This is a pretty old Executive. It has the Victoria stamp on the tang of the main blade, aluminum tipped tweezers and the older style scissors (with a single leaf spring).

Victorinox Executive with Victoria tang stamp and thin scalesThe orange peeler has finer teeth than current Executive knives like this green Executive and this older, smooth alox one. The red cellidor scales are a little bit thinner than usual. Also, this red Victoria Executive has no keyring.

Victorinox (original) Traveller

The (original) Traveller is basically a Climber without key ring. This particular one has the Victorinox shield and Cross on the back scales, since there is a metal inlaid company logo on the front. This knife is from before 1985 (because the awl/reamer has no sewing eye).

Victorinox TravellerNote the fluted corkscrew and the absence of the multi-purpose hook.

Victorinox Rancher and Farmer in red

These are three 93mm knives in red alox. The first one is a red Farmer. The 2 with a Brütsch Rüegger logo on the front scales are Pioneer Ranchers. The older one has brass liners and a non-polished bottle opener.

Red Victorinox FarmerThe farmer adds a wood saw to the basic Pioneer model. The Pioneer Rancher substitutes the Pioneer’s can opener for a pruning blade and lacks the key ring.