Victorinox Executive

Here is another Executive. This one has the older, thin cellidor scales and the older style scissors (with a single leaf spring made of carbon steel). Compared to this Victoria marked Executive, it has newer, plastic tipped tweezers and a different type of nail file (with a textured finish instead of the cross cut design). This green Executive has the newer scissors but the older type nail file. Confusing :)

Victorinox ExecutiveThis Executive has a key ring, just like the current model.

If anyone knows how old this knife is, please leave a reply :)

Victorinox Serrated Recruit

The Recruit is a pretty basic 84mm Swiss Army Knife. It has only 2 layers and it has no back side tools. This one is an uncommon version, the Serrated Recruit. It has a fully serrated large blade.

Victorinox Serrated Recruit

Victorinox Serrated Recruit - fully serrated main bladeI believe this model was aimed at the North American market; mine came in a Swiss Army Brands Ltd. box.

Victorinox Tinker Small

The 84mm Tinker (or Tinker Small) is the smaller version of the very popular Tinker model. The Tinker is closely related to the Spartan: the only difference is that the Tinker has a back mounted Phillips screwdriver instead of a corkscrew.

Victorinox Tinker Small

Victorinox Tinker Small

This particular Tinker is pretty old, given that the Phillips has a square shaft and a can key (a slot in the tip of the Phillips). No idea how old exactly (feel free to leave a reply if you can date this Tinker!).

Victorinox Altimeter

The Victorinox Altimeter adds electronic scales containing an altimeter and a thermometer to the Climber model. Unlike it’s brother the Voyager, the Altimeter has been discontinued. It has been replaced by the Traveller, which combines the digital clock and alarm from the Voyager and the altimeter/thermometer from the Altimeter.

Victorinox Altimeter - altimeter mode

Victorinox Altimeter - thermometer mode

Victorinox Spartan “Spirit of Greece”

I bought this blue Victorinox Spartan while I was on holiday on the Greek island of Crete (or Rhodes, I can’t remember exactly, it could also have been Samos ;) ).

Blue Victorinox Spartan, Spirit of Greece

It’s a normal Spartan but with a very nice Spirit of Greece illustration on the front scale. There is also a Greek flag and a drawing of some leaves, possibly laurel.