Victorinox Climber – Chinese Year of the Goat

This is a very nice Limited Edition Victorinox Climber made to celebrate the Chinese Year of the (water) Goat in 2003. It has an image of a goat on the front and there is a serial number stamped in the liner near the corkscrew. This one was obviously carried, that’s why the image has faded a little.

Victorinox Climber Year of the Goat (2003)
Victorinox Climber Year of the Goat (2003)

These knives were sold with a very nice matching presentation box which unfortunately I don’t have. Other models were issued as well, including a Year of the Dragon (2012) model.

Victorinox Golfer with divot repair tool

This is a 91mm Victorinox Golfer with the rather uncommon divot repair tool. Earlier versions of this knife had a combo tool (can opener/cap lifter), very similar to the current Compact model.

Victorinox Golfer with divot repair tool

This knife has plus scales with tweezers, toothpick, ball point pen and straight pin. An image of a golfer is screen printed on the front scale.



Victorinox (Victoria) Climber Small

The very popular Climber model was once available in a slightly smaller 84mm version. This is a Victoria version with a five turn corkscrew, a +PAT can opener, the old style scissors (spring is broken) and a small clip point blade. Unfortunately, Victorinox stopped producing 84mm knives with scissors a couple of years ago.

Victorinox (Victoria) 84mm Climber Small

It’s a terrible picture but that’s OK since it matches this Climber’s pretty bad condition ;)

Victorinox Spartan –

The Swiss Army Knife is used by companies all over the world as a promotional item and that’s why there are literally millions of SAKs with a company logo on the scales. Some people collect all kinds of advertizing SAKs but personally I am only interested in the unusual ones, with cool, big metal inlaid logos, unusual tool layouts (like that Hewlett Packard SpatuClimber) and interesting scale designs (like my Bavarian Palace Department Huntsman).

Here is another one of those more interesting advertizing SAKs. This one is from the Swiss Agriculture website ( and Both domain names are etched on the main blade and the white scales feature an Edelweiss design that is also used on the website. The Victorinox shield is not metal but printed on top of the flower pattern.

Victorinox Spartan -

You can still buy this knife through the store.