Victorinox Limited Edition 2011 Damascus Climber

In 2011, Victorinox offered another model with a Damascus steel blade, following the 2010 Damascus Pioneer. The Damascus Climber comes with very dark brown, almost black Ebony wood scales and has its serial number stamped into the liner near the corkscrew. Production was limited to 4000 pieces.

Victorinox Limited Edition 2011 Damascus Climber

The Damascus Climber comes in a similar box as the Damascus Pioneer.

Victorinox Limited Edition Huntsman Bubinga

In 2011, Victorinox made a limited edition version of the Huntsman with hardwood scales made of Bubinga from Gabon. The Bubinga Huntsman is limited to 1000 pieces. Each knife has its serial number etched on the main blade. Mine is numbered 0005/1000.

Victorinox Limited Edition Bubinga Huntsman - with puch

The Bubinga Huntsman comes in a red presentation box with a certificate of authenticity and a unique leather pouch.

Victorinox Valentine’s set “Elle et Lui”

French combo set no. 3 :) This nice set has a Valentine’s Day theme and consists of a purple/pink Classic (for her) and a blue Spartan (for him). Both knives have little hearts printed on the front and the back. “Elle et Lui” means “Her and Him” in French.

Victorinox set "Elle et Lui" - back

The Victorinox shield and cross are on the back side of the knives. The box also contains a card for a message to your loved one… I left it blank but I did give the Classic to my wife ;)