Victorinox Confoederatio Helvetica Classic SD, Ambassador and Huntsman

A nice trio of commemorative Swiss Army knives with Confoederatio Helvetica 1291-1991 inlays. A Classic SD, an Ambassador and a Huntsman.


I already had a Huntsman like it (except this one is mint), and I had seen pictures of the Classic SD as well. But the middle one is uncommon if I am correct. It’s the only 74mm Confoederatio Helvetica model I have ever seen.

Victorinox 74mm refillable travel spray

Here’s a fun little gadget: it’s a refillable travel spray shaped like a 74mm Swiss Army knife. It even has a toothpick, tweezers and a key ring , so I guess it (almost) counts as a Victorinox SAK :)

victorinox-fragrance-the-encounter-with-travel-spray victorinox-travel-spray-red-02victorinox-travel-spray-red-01 victorinox-travel-spray-red-03 victorinox-travel-spray-red-04

As a huge fan of the Victorinox 74mm line I just had to have this one. It came with a bottle of fragrance. Or, in my case, that bottle came free with this travel spray ;)

Victorinox Pioneer (97)

I recently found this red old cross Pioneer in a hardware store near where I live. The blade is stamped 97; probably an overstock blade from a 1997 Soldier. This knife had probably been in that store’s display for years.

victorinox-red-pioneer-97-01 victorinox-red-pioneer-97-02