Victorinox stuff Victorinox Swiss Army Knives

Victorinox Huntsman Lite Limited Edition

This is a limited edition Victorinox Huntsman Lite. It is numbered nnnn/1111 and was produced in 2006. The alumin(i)um presentation case also contains a piece of jeans material with a leather belt and a knife chain, and two Swiss postage stamps. There is more info on SAKWiki.

One of these had been on my wish list for quite some time when a while back I found one for a good price. And it turned out the seller lived in my own home town.

Victorinox stuff Victorinox Swiss Army Knives

Random stuff: Climber Gold & Color Twins

Just a nice pic of a limited edition Climber with gold scales (basically SilverTech but 24 carat gold plated. GoldTech I guess?). It’s limited to “only” 20,000 pieces worldwide and comes in a nice LE box.

And two sets of the color twins: Spartans in new colors: translucent bright green and orange, plus matching fruit/tomato knives.

Victorinox stuff

Rotating Victorinox display case

I found this Victorinox store display case/cabinet a while ago in Belgium. It is made of thick steel with curved glass doors on front and back. It is super heavy, I believe it’s over 20 kg! Quality is superb. There is room for small catalogs/leaflets on both sides. It rotates around a solid base. Also, the doors can be locked.

Neat feature about this cabinet is that one of the doors has a double hinge, not only the glass front opens but also part of the cabinet itself opens up to reveal a big storage compartment. It’s where I now store most of my NIB knives (these photos are pretty old).

As you can see it has small magnets which can be used to attach a couple of SAKs on both sides of the cabinet. I found out the small ones are not that useful as they struggle to hold bigger knives. So I ordered a bunch of neodymium magnets the other day.

It also came with a bunch of knives; I gave most of them away and sold a few.

victorinox-display-cabinet-01 victorinox-display-cabinet-02

I wonder if I ever posted pics of the wooden display case you can see in the back?

Victorinox stuff Victorinox Swiss Army Knives

Victorinox 74mm refillable travel spray with wooden scales

And another travel spay :) This one has scales made of wood. Which is nice, since it’s my first 74mm model with wooden scales (apart from a customized Executive I bought from a Spanish guy).

victorinox-travel-spray-wood-01 victorinox-travel-spray-wood-02

It still in its packaging. On the back it says that tweezers are included, but this wooden version has no T&T.

Victorinox stuff Victorinox Swiss Army Knives

Victorinox 74mm refillable travel spray

Here’s a fun little gadget: it’s a refillable travel spray shaped like a 74mm Swiss Army knife. It even has a toothpick, tweezers and a key ring , so I guess it (almost) counts as a Victorinox SAK :)

victorinox-fragrance-the-encounter-with-travel-spray victorinox-travel-spray-red-02victorinox-travel-spray-red-01 victorinox-travel-spray-red-03 victorinox-travel-spray-red-04

As a huge fan of the Victorinox 74mm line I just had to have this one. It came with a bottle of fragrance. Or, in my case, that bottle came free with this travel spray ;)