Victorinox Jumpmaster

This is a red Jumpmaster. It’s a 111mm liner locking Swiss Army Knife with 4 layers. It’s one of only a few liner lock knives available with red nylon scales. It’s also one of a few knives containing a serrated emergency blade or seat belt cutter.

Victorinox Jumpmaster

Victorinox one handed Master RT

The Victorinox OH Master is a new 111mm liner lock model. It has gray/black dual density scales, a serrated one handed blade with a Road Tour logo and a new, stainless steel metal saw and metal file.

Victorinox One Hand Master RT (Road Tour)

The one handed Master RT was introduced in 2010 as part of the Victorinox Road Tour collection, just like the Climber RT.

Victorinox 2010 Dutch Army Knife

This is the 2010 model of the Dutch Army Knife (DAK).

Victorinox 2010 Dutch Army KnifeIt is closely related to the Victorinox DualPro knife, but has a Phillips screwdriver instead of a corkscrew. The DAK has olive green nylon scales with an embossed Dutch army emblem. There are no toothpick and tweezers.

Both large blades are one handed opening. The main blade is serrated, the other blade is an emergency blade or seat belt cutter. The DAK has 2 stainless steel locking liners: both blades and the flathead screwdriver/bottle opener are locking.

Victorinox one-handed German Army Knife (OH-GAK)

The one-handed German Army Knife (OH-GAK) replaced the 108mm GAK in 2003. This knife is almost identical as the one-handed Trekker, a 111mm liner locking knife with a one-handed, partially serrated main blade, a wood saw, a can opener and a locking can opener/screwdriver/pry bar. It also has a reamer/awl, Phillips screwdriver and a keyring.

Victorinox one-handed German Army Knife (OH-GAK)

The GAK has olive drab green scales with a German Army eagle molded in the front scale and lacks the toothpick and tweezers of the Trekker.