Victorinox Spartans

Here are a couple of nice Victorinox Spartans :) The 1897-1997 one is a limited edition: the number 32211 is stamped in the corkscrew liner. I also have the 100 years SwissChamp. I have a couple of other non-standard Spartans as well, including some Michel Jordi ones,¬† a blue “Spirit of Greece” model and a […]

Victorinox SwissFlame and CampFlame

These are a couple of unusual Victorinox SAKs. The SwissFlame adds a butane gas lighter to the Climber model, while the CampFlame adds the lighter and a small screwdriver to the Camper model. The SwissFlame and Campflame have been manufactured for only a couple of years (from 2002 until 2005). They were never for sale […]

White Victorinox Huntsman

My very first Victorinox Swiss Army knife was a black Huntsman. I EDC’d it for several years but I lost it in 2000 or so. This white one is a newer model, with a slightly thinner tang (large blade) and the new “Victorinox Swiss Made Stainless” text on the tang. This one originally came with […]