Victorinox SwissChamp XXLT

The Victorinox SwissChamp XXLT is a very cool, ridiculously big Swiss Army Knife, primarily aimed at collectors. It is way too big for pocket carry. It’s also too big to be actually used. It has 72 functions, including the rather uncommon butane lighter. The only other two knives with that lighter are the SwissFlame and […]

Victorinox SwissFlame and CampFlame

These are a couple of unusual Victorinox SAKs. The SwissFlame adds a butane gas lighter to the Climber model, while the CampFlame adds the lighter and a small screwdriver to the Camper model. The SwissFlame and Campflame have been manufactured for only a couple of years (from 2002 until 2005). They were never for sale […]