Victorinox Tourist with horn scales

This is a Victorinox Tourist, which is basically a smaller (84mm) version of the Spartan, in this case without key ring. It has horn scales and the tweezers have an aluminium handle but I think that’s not the original one since this knife is newer.


I bought this knife hoping it was 91mm, but since it is not (and in rather poor condition as well) I may put it up for sale/trade later.

Victorinox (Victoria) stag horn Camper

Here is another Camper with stag horn scales. It’s a bit older than the stag horn Camper I posted before. This one has three exposed rivets instead of two. The middle pin is less oxidized than the outer (brass) ones so I guess it’s made of nickel silver.


Other nice features of this knife are the old, triangular awl (slightly bent unfortunately), five turn grooved corkscrew, old style wood saw, clip point small blade, sharpened bottle opener, +PAT can opener and Victoria tang stamp.

Sadly the wood saw back spring is broken which does sometimes happen with these old knives. Overall it’s in fair condition.

Victorinox stag horn Camper

I found this NOS Camper with stag horn scales a while ago. I like the texture and color of the horn. There are two exposed rivets; I have seen several of these with three exposed rivets. No idea why they differ.

victorinox-stag-horn-camper-01 victorinox-stag-horn-camper-02

Vintage, horn scaled 84mm SAKs

Two nice vintage items. Both with horn scales and in 84mm.

The older one (stamped Inoxyd/Armée Suisse) has the pre-1940s opener layer, the old style reamer and brass liners. It has a taper towards the end, with the blade layer being quite a bit thicker near the small clip point blade pivot. This is a beautiful vintage knife in great condition. The only flaw is the missing tips on both blades.

The other one is marked Victoria and is probably from the late 1960s or early 1970s. It has a +PAT opener and small clip point blade. The liners appear to be alox.