Random stuff: Climber Gold & Color Twins

Just a nice pic of a limited edition Climber with gold scales (basically SilverTech but 24 carat gold plated. GoldTech I guess?). It’s limited to “only” 20,000 pieces worldwide and comes in a nice LE box. And two sets of the color twins: Spartans in new colors: translucent bright green and orange, plus matching fruit/tomato […]

Victorinox SwissFlame

Here is another SwissFlame. It’s a much sought-after Swiss Army knife for two reasons: first, it has only been on the market for a short period (between 2002 and 2005) and secondly, it was not available in the United States. Unfortunately, this one has a company logo laser etched into the lighter implement. Also, I […]

Victorinox Altimeter

The Victorinox Altimeter adds electronic scales containing an altimeter and a thermometer to the Climber model. Unlike it’s brother the Voyager, the Altimeter has been discontinued. It has been replaced by the Traveller, which combines the digital clock and alarm from the Voyager and the altimeter/thermometer from the Altimeter. http://www.vicfan.com/2011/01/victorinox-voyager/